The Always Evolving Rookie's Guide to the Music Business
The following is a collection of general tips, advice, and best practices to promote your art in the ever-changing landscape of the modern media era, compiled by a guy who's been doing it for a while.
Digital Download Sales

They’re over. Yes, you can still purchase digital downloads at places like iTunes and Amazon (for now), but the numbers are falling at a precipitous rate.  People are not interested in carrying files with them that take up valuable storage space on their devices. Hardcore fans who enjoy a richer and higher quality listening experience may still purchase CD’s and vinyl (sales of wax are actually on the rise), but almost everyone else is streaming on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and, outside the U.S., Deezer.


The rapid decline of download sales has fundamentally changed the financial paradigm of recorded music, whereby it takes roughly 227 streams of a song to generate the same wholesale revenue from that of one $1.29 download. If you’re focusing your marketing efforts toward driving download sales to fund your project, the time is now to recalibrate your thinking and start figuring out how to leverage the power of streaming.

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